Nic, Swan Hill

Last year during a massive renovation, I engaged the styling services of Jan and Melissah of Visual Appeal and was thrilled with the outcome. The situation was somewhat unusual and could have been quite troublesome had I not had someone so talented and competent to give me some ideas. The loungeroom doesn’t have much wall space and choosing a sofa or couch had to be just right. The placement of French doors was just about to be decided upon when Mel first visited and together we came up with a better placement to ensure my Coco statement piece would be just that, a statement piece, rather than a couch in an ‘empty shell’. I was so grateful for that first meeting as it meant that my room became more functional and felt like the room was made for my family.

Mel's help with colours and accessories took all of the worry out for me. I tend to get overwhelmed with the endless options and styles available. In the end though, Mel talked me through what 'feel' I was really trying to achieve and we came up with a beautiful room. My vision was compromised by what I had already stuck in my mind and Mel helped to open that up and while not completely 'updating' my look, she certainly refreshed it, taking care to ensure my atmosphere remained.

Another area of my home is my very own sanctuary and an area just for me. Finding the perfect sitting arrangement was easy with Mel and Jan's help and Bonnie and Otto now bring me much joy every morning as I have my cuppa and contemplate the day ahead. These pieces are investments to me, furniture that will live with me forever so they had to be perfectly in tune with my style.

Continuing on with other rooms, Jan and Mel have given me so much time and advice, contributing to a beautiful homey feel., As I turn my attention to other rooms, I will certainly be calling on their services to guide me and reassure that my style is all about me and what makes me feel good. They help to pull it all together and give it some 'wow'

I cannot credit them highly enough and absolutely recommend dealing with Jan and Mel to achieve the perfect style. You can trust their judgement as they truly want the best outcome to make an outstanding result in home styling.

Nic, Swan Hill.