Jen, Kerang

I would love to recommend these awesome stylists and their beautiful quality furniture! I’m lucky enough to have fitted out a dining room, master bedroom, two teenager bedrooms and two lounge rooms with Jan and Mel.

Last year my girls - 16 and 17 at the time - were away for a month on a school trip. I propositioned Jan and Mel to do a surprise fit-out of their bedrooms and lounge while they was away. The result was just beautiful, they spent time sussing out the girls tastes and put together some gorgeous moodboards for me to review and approve. They came in, took over and fitted out everything perfectly before the girls got home. The looks on their faces (after being walked into the house blindfolded of course) were priceless!

How lucky we are to have such great quality, service and stylists here in Kerang.

Jen, Kerang.