Faye and Pops, Barham

Jan, Mel and Jon,

Thank you for organising the styling shoot, so sorry I couldn't stay to the end. I would have loved to. We could have eaten the cheese, drank the wine, toasted the marshmallows and celebrated our success.

As I was leaving, I could see the subtle changes (and extra props) that Mel had added to made the place look amazing.

Mel, you have such a beautiful eye for detail, texture and shape. Even where you place things makes such a difference. (including tidying up the cords behind the TV unit!) Thank you for toning my colour style down, working to make the cottage reflect its beautiful river environment! I love the teal colour and the clever way it’s been used as a highlight throughout. 

It has been a fabulous experience to work with you all in transforming our little River cottage. You really understood and embraced the brief of “ short term holiday accommodation” and gave us great advice and service to that end.

Your “one stop shop” - furniture/linen/bedding made it so much easier for someone like me, to be time effective and made good decisions.
Your styling advice, product knowledge, and the special finishing touches have made the cottage a beautiful, warm place to live or to visit.
So practical, easy to clean with comfortable beds and couches. Yet contemporary and stylish, with such a welcoming feel about it.

Eventually, I will get Pops back to the Big House but he is loving the feel of the cottage  so I’m not sure when that will happen.

Jan, we have really appreciated your “going far beyond” efforts with your team.
Your onsite visits, regular updates, the various deliveries, the time-frames, right down to making the beds and putting away the linen was outstanding!
It reflects very favourably on how you conduct your business and how much you value your clients and opportunities.
We love doing it local, especially when we have businesses like yours to work with.

Visual Appeal, we can’t thank you enough .

We will always have projects on the go, so this is not the end ……. just a lull before another venture pops up.


Faye and Pops xxx